Meeting The One

Every little girl dreams about the man they will end up with. I used to play with my barbies dreaming about what the man will be like. Then as I got older, I started dating and of course, what I thought I wanted actually turned into something I did not want.   When I was [...]


Just Stop & Pray.

                          There are many situations in life that can be overwhelming and take you by surprise. Sometimes they can really knock you off your feet. Sometimes you feel lost and that is okay. I have been in situations where I feel defeated, worthless, [...]

Walking With Faith

In my lifetime I have been through some hardships. I walked through fire and rain so many times. I think all of us have. I look back on all of that and I think to myself, "Dang, girl how did you get here?" But then I realize, I did it because I have God. He [...]


Written September 2014. Everyone is born with a flaw that bothers them at some point--or maybe all the time, and mine just happened to be ptosis. Ptosis is the drooping or falling of the eyelid, and I have it on my right eye. Being a little girl, I did not know any better but to [...]